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1 advance beyond the usual limit [syn: infringe, impinge]
2 impinge or infringe upon; "This impinges on my rights as an individual"; "This matter entrenches on other domains" [syn: impinge, entrench, trench]

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From encrochier, from en- + croc.


  • (UK) /ɛnˈkɹəʊtʃ/|/ɪnˈkɹəʊtʃ/
    Rhymes: -əʊtʃ


  1. In the context of "transitive|obsolete": To seize, appropriate.
  2. To intrude unrightfully on someone else's rights or territory.
    • 2005, Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. 252d.
      Because change itself would absolutely stay-stable, and again, conversely, stability itself would change, if each of them encroached on the other.
  3. Advance gradually beyond due limits.


Intrude unrightfully on someone else's rights or territory
Advance gradually beyond due limits

Derived terms


  1. Encroachment.
    • 1805, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ‘What is Life?’:
      All that we see, all colours of all shade, / By encroach of darkness made?
    • 2002, Caroline Winterer, The Culture of Classicism, JHU Press 2002, p. 116:
      Shorey was among the most vociferous opponents of the encroach of scientism and utilitarianism in education and society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


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Encroachment is a term which implies "advance beyond proper limits", and may have different interpretations depending on the context. Encroachment may refer to one of the following:

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abuse a privilege, adopt, advance upon, appropriate, arrogate, assume, barge in, bother, break bounds, break in, break in upon, burst in, bust in, butt in, charge in, come between, crash, crash in, crash the gates, creep in, crowd in, cut in, edge in, elbow in, encroach upon, entrench, foist in, go too far, horn, horn in, impinge, impose, impose on, impose upon, inconvenience, infiltrate, infringe, insinuate, interfere, interlope, interpose, intervene, intrude, invade, irrupt, know no bounds, make an inroad, make free with, obtrude, obtrude upon, overstep, overstep the bounds, play God, press in, presume on, presume upon, pretend to, push in, put on, put upon, rush in, seize, slink in, slip in, smash in, sneak in, squeeze in, steal in, storm in, take a liberty, take liberties, take over, throng in, thrust in, transgress, trench, trespass, trouble, usurp, work in, worm in
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